Freedom Massage offers a Zen-inspired oasis of calm in which to let go of the responsibilities of life and attend to one’s inner landscape and physical body. Our touch is skilled and mindful, and we are always responsive to your needs from moment to moment. We are here to support your body in being its own best healer.


Swedish and Deep Tissue

Swedish and deep tissue massage is performed on a heated massage table, unclothed and with proper draping for modesty and warmth. Gliding Swedish strokes are combined with deep-tissue techniques to access the deeper layers of muscle and fascia. Thus tension and adhesions are allowed to release and let go, while encouraging profound relaxation and greater present moment awareness.

Whether you are looking for focussed work on specific areas, or you desire a deeply relaxing full-body massage, we customize our techniques for each individual session. We are always responsive to your feedback and requests in the moment. Choose from 1 hour, 90 minutes, and 2 hour sessions.

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai massage is performed on a mat on the floor. At Freedom Massage our floors are heated, for your ultimate comfort. Thai massage consists mainly of thumb pressure and palm pressure along the energy lines of the body and much passive stretching. It’s a bit like having yoga “done for you.” Thai massage is both deeply relaxing and invigorating. It releases both physical and energetic restrictions while opening the body to greater flexibility.

Please have with you loose or flexible ankle-length yoga pants or leggings and a long sleeve t-shirt to wear during your Thai massage. Two hours is the preferred session length for a full-body Thai massage. We also offer an abbreviated version of ninety minutes for those who desire a shorter session.