is an artisanal massage studio in Portland, Oregon, bringing greater freedom to clients through exceptional bodywork performed on the table or on the mat.


A Place to Unwind

At Freedom Massage we support your body in being its own best healer. We honor your stuck places, and listen attentively with all of our senses to find what they need to unwind. The body has greater intelligence than you might know; and given skillful encouragement, in a safe and nurturing environment, the stuck places find their way to release. Through skillful touch, we help you attune more deeply to your own body, bringing about greater awareness, and thus, healing of the contracted areas, from the inside out. This holds true not only for the body, but for the mind and the spirit as well, opening to greater levels of freedom.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
— Leonardo da Vinci
I had a wonderful massage! Kundalini was attentive to my needs and gave me a Swedish massage that left me feeling relaxed and nurtured. The setting was also lovely. I would highly recommend a massage with Kundalini!


Kundalini Rose

Oregon LMT #14081


Kundalini Rose

What draws me most to massage is the sense of relaxation and presence that it brings, not only to my client but also to me. As I drop in to deeper presence, an environment is created where it’s easy to relax and release any tension. By slowing down, my client’s body begins to trust and invite me in, allowing access to the deeper tissues with greater ease.

When I am not doing bodywork, my greatest joy is Argentine Tango dancing, which is also about being able to perceive another on very subtle levels. It is an improvised social dance that allows two individuals, who may have never before met, to share a profound connection.

Kundalini Rose Bennett, Oregon LMT #14081

Kundalini Rose Bennett, Oregon LMT #14081

A most highly recommended massage. Kundalini brings tremendous skill and presence to each moment, each movement. I find her touch perfect; she knows where and when to apply the correct amount of pressure.
— Stephen C.
I had a two hour massage with Kundalini Rose and it was amazing. She took her time, really listened to how I like to relax, and tailored my massage to everything I like. I left with “massage brain” and felt so relaxed the rest of the day.
— Kelly O.

I have been receiving massage from Kundalini for 10 years. What brings me back is the way she listens with her hands and her heart. She does not “do massage;” she is in conversation with my body as it is in the moment. No two sessions are the same because of the flow that she finds from moment to moment. I walk out, slowly, after each session feeling I have been renewed.
— Art Andrews

Along with great skill in finding all those tight places and encouraging them to open and relax, Kundalini’s touch is extremely and directly communicative of the oneness, care, and love that form such a foundation of her character. For me, Kundalini’s massage doesn’t just feel good; it provides a gentle reorientation in a profound and perhaps spiritual direction.
— David Jencks

My favorite most memorable Thai Massage!! So kind, professional, yet personable. Crazy skills met with focus and intuition. I feel like a new person afterward. Total Recommendation!!
— M. D.

I had a massage with Kundalini Rose, which I booked at the very last minute. I was so pleased to get in, and my massage was excellent. I appreciate that Kundalini listened to what I wanted and followed my direction. It was a terrific experience.
— J. S.

I received a wonderful massage from Kundalini Rose. She is an interesting person and gave me some ideas for improving my posture, which I really appreciate.
— Stephanie M.

I had a twist in my back that was agonizing for 4 days and within minutes she had me feeling relief. Was the perfect end to our weekend getaway. Thank you very much.
— Tracy B.

One of the best full body massages I have had. 90 minutes of attention but not intense to found areas of tension. Kundalini, thank you.

Kundalini gave a wonderfully therapeutic massage and if you haven’t experienced abdominal work before.. you must. Highly recommend and will be back!