Freedom Massage

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Kundalini Rose Bennett, LMT #14081

Kundalini Rose Bennett, LMT #14081


My name is Kundalini. I’m the founder and creator of Freedom Massage. I’ve been an Oregon licensed massage therapist since 2007, specializing in Thai massage which I’ve studied extensively in both Thailand and Laos. Before that I was the founder and creator of the very successful and well respected Portland’s Alternative Realtors, which I passed on to two of our top agents in 2009.

Through working along side Christina Pyktel, at her lovely Pauseful Massage and Botanicals in Manzanita last summer, I’ve been inspired to create something a little larger than the part-time practice I had for 12 years. I’m eager to grow Freedom Massage into a thriving, artful massage studio, for your healing pleasure.

It is important to me that this new practice align with my highest values so that I can remain in full integrity with my livelihood. This is why I chose the name Freedom Massage. Freedom is one of my highest ideals, right up there with love and vibrant good health. I’m inspired to build a practice that supports others to attain their highest levels of freedom, in body, mind and spirit. This is the guiding vision of Freedom Massage.

I chose the dandelion seed for our logo because it represents freedom, with a touch of magic. I feel that every one of us can use a little more magic in our lives, along with freedom to move, freedom to feel, and freedom to be our most authentic selves.

My favorite most memorable Thai Massage!! So kind, professional, yet personable. Crazy skills met with focus and intuition. I feel like a new person afterward. Total Recommendation!!
— M. D.

We are here to help you experience

Greater Freedom

in mind, body, and spirit.

Freedom to be . . .

Freedom to be . . .

Freedom to move . . .

Freedom to move . . .

Freedom to feel . . .

Freedom to feel . . .

Freedom to be YOU!


Swedish and Deep Tissue
Massage on the Table

Thai Yoga Massage
on the Mat

Massage is an opportunity to get out of the mind and to settle deeply into one’s physical body. This is what it means to be present. The act of being present and in touch with one’s body is the most natural way to calm the nervous system, support the immune response, and allow both body and mind to rest and rejuvenate. In today’s fast paced world it can be challenging to access this state at will, and massage is an excellent way to facilitate the shift. Receiving massage as a regular part of one’s wellness regime can make it easier to release stress on an ongoing basis.


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